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Hold Me Up Ministries is a 501C (3) Christian nonprofit organization built on Biblical truth and the foundation of Jesus Christ. Our motto is best represented by David’s prayer in Psalm 119:117, “Hold me up, that I may be safe, and have regard for your statutes continually!”

Hold Me Up Ministries is founded by Akmal Hanna and Sylvia Yasa, with the purpose of providing spiritual, emotional, and practical help to needy individuals and families affected by disability in Southern Egypt. As a blind person who grew up in Egypt, Sylvia experienced first-hand the inferior treatment, lack of opportunity, and discrimination that individuals with disabilities are subjected to. Families in impoverished areas resent or in some cases abandon their disabled children in institutions where they face harsh treatment and even abuse, the majority do not have access to health insurance, the government does not provide any rehabilitation services or adaptive devices, schools and universities discriminate against students with disabilities, employers do not view qualified individuals with disabilities as possible candidates, and even most churches view the disabled as beggers and do not encourage them to use their talents in ministry or leadership.

Meet The Founders


Sylvia Yasa

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Akmal Hanna

Sylvia was born in Egypt and lost her vision gradually due to Congenital Glaucoma. When she was 20 years old, she received a scholarship and came to the US where she received blindness rehabilitation training at the Colorado Center for the Blind, and then got her Master’s degree in Special Education and Assistive Technology from George Mason University. At that time, she came to a genuine faith in jesus Christ, and as a result she now views her disability as a gift from God to grow her character and prepare her for Heaven. She currently works as an Assistive Technology Specialist with the New Mexico Commission for the Blind.

Akmal is an Electronics engineer and he also has a Bachelor of Theology degree. He is uniquely gifted with sacrificial love, sympathy, and respect towards individuals with disabilities. He is also a gifted speaker and a talented Arabic Christian song writer and composer. He is currently a full-time minister and the president of the organization.