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We currently utilize the following programs and activities to fulfill our mission.

Internet Radio Station:

We broadcast a weekly live and interactive program as well as daily lectures, reflections, and testimonies on a free Internet radio station available on our accessible website and also through apps on smart devices. These programs primarily target Arabic-speaking individuals with disabilities in the areas of spiritual growth, the theology of suffering, and emotional healing. Some of these programs are prepared and hosted by individuals with disabilities. We also periodically translate short spiritual devotionals from English to Arabic and make them available to our listeners through this radio station.

Conferences and Revivals:

We hold Christian disability conferences twice a year as well as monthly revival meetings in impoverished areas in Southern Egypt through coordinating with a small team of disability ministry leaders. These events are carefully designed to address the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals with disabilities, and they act as an outlet where they can express their concerns honestly and freely. We also distribute meals and useful gifts during these events, (e.g., white canes, digital voice recorders, audio Bibles, low-tech daily living aids, etc.).

Financial Support:

With God’s help and provision, we are providing support to financially struggling individuals with disabilities in the form of wheelchairs, leg braces for Polio patients, medical treatments and surgeries, used computers and accessible smart phones for the blind, as well as monthly financial assistance to few of the poorest families.