Our Vision

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Under God’s guidance and leadership, we hope to accomplish the following through this ministry:

  • Evangelizing and discipling as many individuals with disabilities in the impoverished areas of Southern Egypt, an helping them find meaning and purpose for their lives
  • Reflecting Christ’s love and care towards more needy families affected by disability in practical ways, through financial support in the areas of medical care and assistive devices and technology
  • Building an effective disability ministry as part of an inclusive and welcoming church, in which individuals with disabilities are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to exercise their God-given gifts of leadership and service in different areas of ministry.
  • Establishing a Christian school for the blind in southern Egypt, where students with visual impairments receive rehabilitation training in the areas of Assistive Technology, cane travel, and independent living
  • Founding Christ-centered group homes for individuals with disabilities who are abandoned by their families or otherwise do not have sufficient income to secure their basic needs.